Photo credit: Jolene Burt

Photo credit: Jolene Burt

Eking out their very own version of Hawthorne, California on the south coast of Brighton, the diaphanous west coast lit Hanscomb brothers have in recent years released their own version of lapping tide and spruced greenery inspired lush paeans and lovelorn melodies, under the Junkboy moniker. Released to rapturous acclaim, the duo’s 2014 album Sovereign Sky is a languorous and hazy affair, with one ear lent to those US of A inspirations, the other closer to the melodic acid folk of home.

Expanding that sentimental love for pop and rock music’s most gloriously diaphanous period, brother Mik has been a chief instigator of the Brighton club night 8 Miles High: A monthly evening of psych, acid and Laurel Canyon troubadouring, played out to kool aid visuals.

In a Junkboy special and exclusive, the brothers Hanscomb have picked out a congruous summer playlist for the readers of the Monolith Cocktail, which includes cherished nuggets from Jan & Dean, The Beach Boys, The Smoke, Mark Eric and Thorinshield. They’ve also included some brand new halcyon, sun-dappled, photos (taken by Jolene Burt) and, from their last LP, the beautiful ‘Release The Sunshine’.

The Lettermen   ‘Mr. Sun’  
The Beach Boys   ‘Summer Means New Love’
Jan & Dean   ‘Fan Tan’ 

Giant Jellybean Copout   ‘Awake in a Dream’

Surf Symphony  ‘That Bluebird of Summer’

Danny Hutton   ‘Roes and Rainbows’ 
The Left Banke  ‘Desiree’ 

The Smoke   ‘Looking Thru the Mirror’ 

Mark Eric  ‘California Home’

Mike Clifford   ‘Golden Breed’ 

Thorinsheild   ‘Daydreaming’ 

Photo credit: Jolene Burt

Photo credit: Jolene Burt

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