Words:  Ayfer Simms


When the Blue Rose Code, alter ego of Caledonian soul Ross Wilson, put out a call to his fans to submit their visual takes on what the word ‘grateful’ meant to them, he was surprised by the overwhelming response. Our own lyrical and poetic critic Ayfer Simms, a champion of Wilson’s music having reviewed his last acclaimed LP The Ballads Of Peckham Rye for us, took part, sending in a video clip of her and her daughter Forrest. This poignant meditation opens Wilson’s new video/single ‘Grateful’, which also features the cooed, soothing backing harmonies of The McCary Sisters. Debuted earlier this month on Folk Radio the new single will feature on the upcoming ...And Lo! The Bird Is On The Wing album, released in 2016. We asked Ayfer to offer some words of solace on the new single, which for obvious reasons carry even more weight in light of recent events in Europe, North Africa and The Middle East; our writer is after all a native of France, living in the tumult environment of Turkey.

Blue Rose Code feat. The McCary Sisters    ‘Grateful’

Leave behind sorrow and clutched fists; the unconceivable, painful grand plans for the future, too big and overwhelming. Leave behind worrisome thoughts, crystal tears, and hearts of stone and melancholic ideals, anxiety, rumination and folly. Unite all the ghost’s fighters of dark gloomy ages, the minds struggling against little demons freely swirling around and, give hope to the chaos of the soul; be Grateful.

Life, a blink of an eye is filled with hardship and dramas; and life is miraculous in its details, simple in its joys, is as infinite as a breath and, a smile. We came a long way, all of us; some were lucky and thrived forever and danced with giant steps of impetuous intrepidity; some helped others with a poignant selflessness, some fell, hard, made it, some did not. And some kept going, forever hopeful and thankful. Blue Rose Code‘s song Grateful is a heartfelt celebration of what we have, a warm embrace that comes from lived experiences, resonating deep, deep in the heart of those who are hopeful, still. It is a reminder that there are more lovers than truculence in this world, and for that we are ever so bound. Looking very much forward to hearing the album. To soak in that world; One flew over the cuckoo’s nest and came out as bright as a dove.

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