David Lawrie exclusive video

Tickling our proverbial fancy back in 2013, chamber-eletronic artist and poetic troubadour, David Lawrie, impressed us with his vapourous, romantic Storm Petrel EP. Our summary of that three-track suite can be read thus:

‘Merging classical instrumentation with atmospheric rich synthesised washes and rasping baselines, Lawrie once again draws on loss and the pains of being pure of heart, to produce three more soothing, majestic paeans.

The leading track – which features a cameo from the petrel seabird of the title – paints a cosmos of feelings within a naturalistic idyllic setting of turbulent seascapes. Creaking floorboards, thumb piano and suffused sheet metal wobbling crushes act as the binding soundscape, as Lawrie’s fragile vocals just about manage to hold up.

Our featured track, ‘Feline (For My Childhood Friend, Liam, Who Died Young)’, is as the title suggests a poignant, personal reflection on mortality: innocently introduced with the cat’s tongue licks of ‘adoration’. Stark and dulcet with dulcimer like minimal backing, the song swells from strained utterances of mourning to softly vapoured and pounded electronica pop.

Bonus track, ‘Liquorice Root’, is another soundtrack-esque lament of broken beats and spindly strings, ripe with analogies to mellifluous confectionary.’

At the time we featured the crisply shot, monochrome headshot video for that EP’s Feline track. David has since teamed up with the animator Stas Shch (part of the Wimbledon based Stas3dArt agency) for the eponymous title track; creating a kaleidoscopic world of ever-changing scenery, built up from a cosy pastoral homestead into a an encroaching skyscraper locked prison, all created out of cleverly folded and manipulated card. There’s also the, now leitmotif customary headshot of the singer, neon referenced metaphors and electrified tidal waves interspersed amongst the ominous childlike scenery; placed to mirror the song lyrics to-and-froing ‘desires’.

Here than is that exclusive treat, released to all the world and sundry today.

Find out more about the artist via his website HERE.


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