The Grand Budapest Hotel movie poster

A  playlist  prompted  by  Wes  Anderson’s  latest  trans-europa  avant-haha,  The  Grand  Budapest  Hotel.

We are totally myopic when it comes to Wes Anderson. We won’t take any shit or discuss his films in anything but glowing terms. Negative comments, debate, analytical dissections….no, not interested. He is without any doubt in our minds, one of the greatest living film directors. And one of the only directors to lure us away from the comfort of the salon to enter a cinema these days.

The Kubrick of comedy – imagine, like we have, replacing the almost motionless, resigned, Ryan O’Neal in Barry Lyndon with Adrian Brody, and you’ll see where we’re going with this – Anderson’s films are meticulously detailed to the nth degree; from costumes – the famous Steve Zissou identikit Adidas trainers for example from The Life Aquatic, much lauded and eventually manufactured by public demand – to the music.

Here then to celebrate the opening of Anderson’s latest estranged in situ, dressed-up murder mystery, The Grand Budapest Hotel, is a celebratory playlist of ‘choice’ tracks from his movies.


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