An intergenerational, eclectic playlist vision, the Monolith Cocktail Social is the blog’s imaginary radio show; a smattering of music from my personal collection, my DJ sets and a lot of music I just wish I owned. Devoid of themes, restraints, or trends, expect to hear anything and everything; including some tributes to album that celebrate their 50th and 20th anniversaries this month: From Joni Mitchell’s ’71 songbook both the original ‘Carey’ and a unique version of ‘This Flight Tonight’ by Art d’Ecco, plus ‘I Might Be Wrong’ from Radiohead’s emphatic distress, Amnesiac.  We also have an eclectic set that features troubadours aplenty (from Larry Jon Wilson to Jon Tabakin); Afro-Rumba saunters (Amadou Balaké); the class of Hip-Hop’s golden age (The Real Roxanne, King Sun); adroit electronic music composers (Moebius, Tomat, Madegg); and much, much, more.


Larry Jon Wilson  ‘The Truth Ain’t In You’
Radiohead  ‘I Might Be Wrong’
Popera Cosmic  ‘Poursuite’
Flora Purim  ‘Dr. Jive (Part 1)’
Moving Gelatine Plates  ‘Removing’
The Real Roxanne  ‘Look But Don’t Touch’
King Sun  ‘King Sun With The Sword’
Professor P  ‘Some Hardcore’
De Lench Mob  ‘Goin’ Bananas’
Amadou Balaké  ‘Ligda Remba’
Sir Joe Quarterman & Free Soul  ‘The Trouble With Trouble’
Mike James Kirkland  ‘It’s Too Late’
Joni Mitchell  ‘Carey’
Low Cut Connie  ‘I Shall Be Released’
Art d’Ecco  ‘This Flight Tonight’
SPIME.IM/Tomat  ‘Exaland XI’
Moebius  ‘Mahalmal’
Madegg  ‘Dripper’
Sonoko  ‘Souvenir De La Mer’
Niagara  ‘Encore Un Derneir Baiser’
Jon Tabakin  ‘The Days Were Long, The Nights Were Sweet’ 
Abstract Truth  ‘All The Same’
Les Baroques  ‘Hold On To Me’
Oscar & The Majestics  ‘I Can’t Explain’
The Terminals  ‘The Deadly Tango’
Wicked Lady  ‘The Axeman Cometh’
Spirogyra  ‘Magical Mary’ Univeria Zekt  ‘Africa Anteria’
Reverend Baron  ‘Those Who Hide’
Jerry Yester & Judy Henske  ‘Rapture’
Iceage  ‘Shelter Song’
Low Cut Connie  ‘Little Red Corvette’
David Blue  ‘So Easy She Goes By’
The Ivor Cutler Trio  ‘Darling, Will You Marry Me Twice?’
Giuliano Sorgini  ‘Prairies’

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