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bedd ‘You Have Nice Things’
Single/26th June 2020

Tenderly building upon the understated elegiac beauty of the previous single ‘Auto Harp’, the Jamie Hyatt led musical project bedd once more open up their hearts on the sad but charmed pop conversational ‘You Have Nice Things’.

Speaking thoughts out loud, or rather in hushed tones with a choral wash of harmonies, a lonesome Hyatt contemplates what it all means from atop of his wooden step ladder as he gazes out and reflects in an array of locations, from tennis courts to industrial estates and parks. Enigmatically shot by filmmaker Liam Martin, in and around the Oxford town in which Hyatt is based, the video accompaniment to this pining single seems a poignant reminder to the loneliness and isolation of the Covid-19 lockdown.

Though it can’t help but evoke the times we live in, the theme of this sighed ponder is universal and timeless, as Hyatt explains: “the track starts as a quiet conversation – almost a confession – that opens up into an unashamed celebration of the mundanity of existence, the beauty of the everyday and our perceived sense of our own successes and failures”.

The singer, songwriter and producer manages to expressing those feelings with few, but and just enough, words backed by a sort of Britpop (an air of Gene in there) chamber pop accompaniment of reverbed lingered guitar, anthemic ascendant rises and when it hits, handclap drums and dissipated washed cymbals.

‘You Have Nice Things’ is released on the 26th of June 2020. The Monolith Cocktail is delighted to be sharing the single/video a day in advance.

Before we hold you up any longer, and premiere the video, just a little background about bedd.

Hyatt is a longstanding Oxford musician known for his previous bands The Family Machine, The Daisies and Medal, as well as his score for the film Elstree 1976.

Alongside him, this extended ensemble is made up of a range of celebrated local Oxford musical talent, including bandmates from his previous project The Family Machine in the shape of bass player Darren Fellerdale and guitarist Neil Durbridge. Also in the mix are guitarist Tom Sharp, electronic musician and producer Tim Midlen (also known as The Manacles of Acid) and drummer Sam Spacsman. You Have Nice Things was recorded and produced by Hyatt with the band at Glasshouse studios in rural Oxfordshire and mixed and mastered by Robert Stevenson.

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