Halloween Playlist Special

October 28, 2020

Dominic Valvona/Brian ‘Bordello’ Shea

Though 2020 has been the “annus horribilis” of annus horribilis years, we can at least come together to burn effigies, light the red candles, draw the pentagram, commune with the spirits (much more of those this year) and, well, strong arm the poor citizens of the world into giving out candy. Fear not (or do) we at the Monolith Cocktail haven’t just compiled one, but two ghoulish playlists this year for your celebrations at the weekend: Dominic Valvona’s devilish mix and Brain ‘Bordello’ Shea’s rock ‘n’ roll, garage raves from the graves selection.


The Flatlinerz ‘Channel 66’
Mr. Hyde ‘Truth Of The Beast’
The Spaceshits ‘Piss On Your Grave’
Iron Claw ‘Skullcrusher’
Rick Van der Linden ‘Witches’ Dance’
The Sorcerers ‘The Horror’
Tucker Zimmerman ‘Talking To The Demon’
Orphan Egg ‘We Have Already Died’
Tonbruket ‘Tarantella’
Bulbous Creation ‘Satan’
Peter Thomas Sound Orchester ‘Der Hexer’
Eddy Detroit ‘Evil Dark Face’
Johann Johannsson ‘Forging The Beast’
Dead Moon ‘Graveyard’
Syd Dale ‘Black Shape’
Snowy Red ‘The Right To Die’
Bat For Lashes ‘Vampires’
Alessandro Alessandroni ‘Dance Of Death’
David Liebe Hart ‘Haunted By Frankenstein’
Les Maledictus Sound ‘Monster Cocktail’
Alex Chilton, Ben Vaughn & Alan Vega ‘The Werewolf’
Night Beats ‘Dial 666’
Sunburned Hand Of The Man ‘Ritual Hex Tape’
Wall Of Voodoo ‘Dark As The Dungeon’
Sandro Brugnolini ‘Villa Polanski’
Foetus ‘Lilith’
Writing On The Wall ‘Lucifer Corpus’
Raw Material ‘Race With The Devil’
Gurumaniax ‘Ghosts Of Odin’
Dennis Farnon ‘Dark Glass (A)’
Byard Lancaster ‘Satan’

By Dominic Valvona


Dave Edmunds ‘The Creature From The Black Lagoon’
Gene Vincent & His Blue Caps ‘Cat Man’
Larry & The Blue Notes ‘Night Of The Sadist’
Daniel Johnston ‘Devil Town’
Teenage Fanclub ‘Vampire’s Claw’
Andrew Gold ‘Spooky, Scary Skeletons’
The Fuzztones ‘Ghost Clinic’
Eddie Noack ‘Psycho’
The Cramps ‘The Creature From The Black Lagoon’
The Shangri-Las ‘Monster Mash’
Magnet ‘Masks/Hobby Horse’
Vincent Price ‘House On Haunted Hill (I)’
The Bordellos ‘Whistling Through The Corpses’
Occult Character ‘Forty Million Skeletons (Can’t Be Wrong)’
Salem Trials ‘Ugly Puppets’
Julian Cope ‘Reynard The Fox’
Elvis Costello & The Attractions ‘The Invisible Man’
Billy Fury ‘Don’t Jump’
Eartha Kitt ‘I Want To Be Evil’

By Brian ‘Bordello’ Shea


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