Monolith Cocktail Monthly Playlist: November 2020

December 1, 2020

PLAYLIST REVUE/Dominic Valvona/Matt Oliver/Brain ‘Bordello’ Shea

Join us for the most eclectic of musical journeys as the Monolith Cocktail compiles another monthly playlist of new releases and recent reissues we’ve featured on the site, and tracks we’ve not had time to write about but have been on our radar.

You can expect to hear everything and anything; from the best new Hip-Hop cuts (Swamp Thing, Atmosphere, Oliver Sudden), vintage Zimbabwean shoe shuffling (Hallelujah Chicken Run Band) and Anatolian psych (Moĝollar), needled post-punk lament (The Awkward Silences, Vukovar), synthesized peregrinations (Ancient Plastix) and more dystopian experiments in electronica (Seb Reynolds). Plus new tracks from Peter Cat, The legless Crabs, Tiger Mendoza, Martin L Gore, Kutiman, Geeker-Natsumi, Electric Jalaba and more…


Swamp Thing/Ollie Teeba ‘JumpThe Goblin (Ft. More Or Les/DJiRATE)’
The Du-Rites ‘Can’t Buy Groove’
Hallelujah Chicken Run Band ‘Kare Nanhasi’
Mogollar ‘Iklig D2D session’
Tiger Mendoza ‘KPS (Ft. Half Decent)’
Kutiman ‘Maasai In Dub’
Electric Jalaba ‘Cubaili Ba’
Martin Gore ‘Mandrill’
Geeker-Natsumi ‘Shinigami’s Watchin’ Me’
Tender Tones ‘In Dreamed Lives’
Atmosphere ‘She Loves My Not’
Ya Minko ‘Chambres Vides’
Open Mike Eagle ‘The Black Mirror Episode’
Aesop Rock ‘Marble Cake’
The Stance Brothers ‘On Top (Organ & Vibes)’
Oliver Sudden ‘My Old Wax (Ft. Jazz T)’
Dillion/Day Tripper/Yamin Semali ‘Long Division’
Mr. Lif/Stu Banges ‘Wave The Flag (Ft. Eternia/Insight)’
November Bees ‘All Is Well’
Novelistme ‘In A Dream’
The Awkward Silences ‘Other People Die’
The Left Outsides ‘The Wind No Longer Stirs The Trees’
Sinead O Brien ‘Most Modern Painting’
Le Volume Courbe ‘Fourteen Years’
Julia Meijer ‘Under Water (Ft. Fyfe Dangerfield)’
Luica Cadotsch ‘Azure’
Bloom De Wilde ‘Flying Carpenters’
Hooshyar Khayam/Bamdad Afshar Yə’ k’
Augenwasser ‘Work Wait Work’
Sebastian Reynolds ‘HAL’s Lament’
Ancient Plastix ‘The Dream Within The Dream Within’
Bunny & The Invalid Singers ‘The Certainty Kids’
Corticem ‘Planet Coronavirus: Dying Quasar’
Benedikt/Tuvaband ‘My Killer’
Liz Davinci/Underhatchet ‘While They Prey’
Gillian Stone ‘Bridges’
Vukovar ‘Silent Envoy’
The Legless Crabs ‘Redneck Scott Mccloud’
The Psychotic Monks ‘Confusion’
Peter Cat ‘Love Lurks’
Volcano Victims ‘Canicular Years’
Tina ‘Golden Rope’
Satin Glow ‘Crumbsnatchers’

Hi, my name is Dominic Valvona and I’m the Founder of the music/culture blog For the last ten years I’ve featured and supported music, musicians and labels we love across genres from around the world that we think you’ll want to know about. No content on the site is paid for or sponsored and we only feature artists we have genuine respect for /love. If you enjoy our reviews (and we often write long, thoughtful ones), found a new artist you admire or if we have featured you or artists you represent and would like to buy us a coffee at to say cheers for spreading the word, then that would be much appreciated.


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