Monolith Cocktail Monthly Playlist: May 2021: Los Kings, BLK JKS, L’Orange & Namir Blade, Sparks, Holy Hive…

May 28, 2021

PLAYLIST/Dominic Valvona/Matt Oliver/Brian ‘Bordello’ Shea

A summary, revue style playlist of all the choice music the Monolith Cocktail have enjoyed over the last month, including the odd reissue here and there. Our selectors are Dominic Valvona, Matt Oliver and Brian ‘Bordello’ Shea.

Those Tracks In Full:

Los Kings  ‘Empecemos (Let’s Start)’
Manzanita y Su Conjunto  ‘Shambar’
Vargas Pinedo & Conjunto Típico Corazón de la Selva  ‘Picaflor Loretano’
Francis Bebey  ‘Lamido’
PS5  ‘Transe Napolitaine’
Mdou Moctar  ‘Taliat’
BLK JKS  ‘Running – Asibaleki/Sheroes Theme’
L’Orange & Namir Blade  ‘Nihilism’
Wordsmiff FLIP & Tom Caruana (FT. Tenchoo, Verbz, Omus One, Hozay)  ‘Study In Fear’
Lewis Parker (FT. Planet Asia)  ‘Thug Livin’’
Lice, Aesop Rock & Homeboy Sandman  ‘Ask Anyone’
Florence Adooni  ‘Naba Aferda’
Holy Hive  ‘Color It Easy’
GINA ÉTÉ  Troubleshooting’
Sparks (FT. Adam Driver & Marion Cotillard)  ‘So May We Start’
Gary Lover  ‘Diana Check The Weather’
Pony Hunt  ‘Stardust’
Nicholsan Heal  ‘Apophenia’
Cochemea  ‘Burning Plan’
Antonis Antoniou  ‘Angali’
Florian Pellissier Quintet  ‘Wildcards’
Versylen  ‘Paradigm’
Mark Ski (FT. Lulla HF)  ‘Gone Shopping’
Pitch 92 (FT. Jehst)  ‘Live From London’
Crab Costume  ‘Disaster’
Apathy  ‘We Don’t Fuck Around’
Otis Sandsjö (With Petter Eidh, Tilo Weber & Dan Nicholls)  ‘Tremendoce Pt. 3’
Lewis Parker  ‘All I Got’
Verbz & Illinformed  ‘Calling Me Back’
Gary Wilson  ‘Nosery’
Salem Trials  ‘Children Of The Crash’
Dez Dare  ‘Conspiracy, O’ Conspiracy’
Wojtek The Bear  ‘One Thing’s For Certain’
Wladyslaw Trejo  ‘Nuestra Voz’
Liars  ‘Sekwar’
Brendan Byrnes  ‘VC…’
Roedelius & Czjzek  ‘Sonniger Morgen’
Rachel Langlais  ‘De Belles Jours’
John Duncan & Stefano Pilia  ‘Fare Forward’
Leslie Winer  ‘Skin’
Field Kit  ‘Don’t’
Astrid Swan  ‘Silvi’s Dream’
Lunar Bird  ‘Second Circle’
Sarah Neufeld  ‘With Love And Blindness’
Spindle Ensemble  ‘Okemah Sundown’
Rezo  ‘Girl From Margate’
Holiday Ghosts  ‘Mr. Herandi’
The Bablers  ‘Psychadilly Circus’

Hi, my name is Dominic Valvona and I’m the Founder of the music/culture blog For the last ten years I’ve featured and supported music, musicians and labels we love across genres from around the world that we think you’ll want to know about. No content on the site is paid for or sponsored and we only feature artists we have genuine respect for /love. If you enjoy our reviews (and we often write long, thoughtful ones), found a new artist you admire or if we have featured you or artists you represent and would like to buy us a coffee at to say cheers for spreading the word, then that would be much appreciated.


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