Monolith Cocktail Social #57: CV Vision, Guru Guru, Falle Nioke & Sir Was, Greentea Peng, Sparks…

July 7, 2021

Dominic Valvona’s Eclectic/Generational Spanning Playlist

An imaginary radio show, a taste of my DJ sets, the Monolith Cocktail Social is a playlist selection that spans genres and eras to create the most eclectic of soundtracks. Among the international and generational spanning selection of the old and new, is a smattering of tributes to anniversary celebrating albums (Guru Guru Hinten, Poor Righteous Teachers Pure Poverty, Sparks Whomp The Sucker, Super Fury Animals Rings Around The World).


Poor Righteous Teachers  ‘Methods Of Droppin’ Mental’

Greentea Peng  ‘This Sound’

Little Annie  ‘I Think Of You’

Lives Of Angels  ‘Imperial Motors’

Kit Sebastian  ‘Lady Grinning Soul’

CV Vision  ‘Should I Tame Me Endless Mind’

The Groupies  ‘Hog (I’m A Hog For You Baby)’

Sam Gopal  ‘Escalator’

Guru Guru  ‘Bo Diddley’

Glass Beams  ‘Taurus’

Nicole Paquin  ‘Dis Lui Que Je L’Aime’

Sparks  ‘Suzie Safety’

Magic Castles  ‘Lost Dimension’

Darker My Love  ‘What A Man’s Paris’

Jose Mauro  ‘Rua Dois’

Khruangbin  ‘Right’

George Harrison  ‘Run Of The Mill (Session Outtakes And Jam)’

Super Fury Animals  ‘Juxtaposed With U’

A Cooper/Emerald Web/S. Mcloughlin  ‘Hexagons Above Dovestones’

Ìxtahuele Xenia Kriisin  ‘The Lion’

King Just  ‘Warrior’s Drum’

Krack Free Media  ‘Difference Dealer (Spot The Difference Pt. II)’

The Awakening  ‘Mode For D.D.’

True Loves  ‘First Impression’

International Harvester  ‘Kuk-Polska’

Trader Home  ‘The mixed Up Kind’

Mário Rui Silva  ‘Kazum-zum-zum’

Falle Nioke & Sir Was  ‘Wonama Yo Ema’

Caroline  ‘Skydiving Onto The Library Roof’

Hans Koller & Wolfgang Dauner  ‘Adea’

Mazaher  ‘Yawra & Rekousha’

DM Bob & The Deficits  ‘Into My Own Thing’

Real Live  ‘Pop The Trunk’ Riz Ortolani  ‘Riti e Folklore’


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