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An intergenerational, eclectic playlist vision, the Monolith Cocktail Social is the blog’s imaginary radio show; a smattering of music from my personal collection, my DJ sets and a lot of music I just wish I owned. Devoid of themes, restraints, or trends, expect to hear anything and everything; including some tributes to album that celebrate their 50th, 30th and 10th anniversaries: A very out-there, Mogadon slipped, version of Marvin Gaye’s ‘What’s Happening Brother’, plus tracks from Grace Jones’ infamous aloof cyber noir Nightclubbing (and a Jamaican lit track that never made it to that album), McCartney’s Ram, and Nice And Smooth’s Ain’t A Damn Thing Changed. There’s a nod also to the recent passing of Digital Underground’s chief instigator and maverick genius Shock G.

Amongst that lot you will hear Kenny Knight, Joan Of Arc, Kazumichi Komatsu, Krown Rulers, Reymour, Shelagh McDonald, The Freeborne, Cassie and much more.


Shelagh McDonald  ‘Waiting For The Wind To Rise’
Paul McCartney/Linda McCartney  ‘Too Many People’
Pantherman  ‘Panther Walk’
Ford Theatre  ‘I’ve Got The Fever’
Kevin Vivalvi  ‘Another Day, Another Time’
The Freeborne  ‘Images’
Billy Changer  ‘Black Angel’
Chris Stamey  ‘When We’re Alone’
Cassie  ‘The Light Shines On’
Reymour  ‘De Ma Tour’
Grace Jones  ‘Art Groupie’
Poor Righteous Teachers  ‘Easy Star’
Digital Underground  ‘No Nose Job’
Joe Farrell  ‘Seven Seas’
Nice & Smooth  ‘Pump It Up’
Krown Rulers  ‘Paper Chase’
Wreckx-N-Effect  ‘New Jack Swing II (Hard Version)’
Carlos Garnet  ‘Good Shepherd’
James Brooker  ‘Feel So Bad’
A.B. Crentsil  ‘Juliana’
Embryo  ‘Wajang Woman’
Grace Jones  ‘If You Wanna Be My Lover’
Daddy Lumba  ‘Nom Nsuo Twen Ope’
Kenny Knight  ‘Carry Me Down’
Joan Of Arc  ‘I Love A Woman (Who Loves Me)’
The Aggregation  ‘The Lady At The Gate’
Moonkyte  ‘It’s The Same Thing’
Walter Smetak  ‘Uibitus e Beija-Flores Etc.’
Kazumichi Komatsu  ‘U+2657’
Poets Of Elan  ‘What’s Happening Brother’
Laurie Spiegal  ‘Three Sonic Spaces II’
Laurent Thibault  ‘Aquadingen’
Between  ‘Kalenda Maya’
Puccio Roelens  ‘Lillian’
Johnny Pearson  ‘Baubles, Bangles, And Beads’
Margie Day  ‘Wine In The Wind’
Paul Siebel  ‘Jack-Knife Gypsy’
Tartit  ‘Holiyane Holiyana’

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