PLAYLIST/Dominic Valvona

Cool shit that the Monolith Cocktail founder and instigator Dominic Valvona has pulled together, the Social playlist is a themeless selection of eclectic tracks from across the globe and ages. Representing not only his tastes but the blogs, these regular playlists can be viewed as an imaginary radio show, a taste of Dominic’s DJ sets over 25 plus years. Placed in a way as to ape a listening journey, though feel free to listen to it as you wish, each playlist bridges a myriad of musical treasures to enjoy and also explore – and of course, to dance away the hours to.

For those of you without access to Spotify, we’ve chosen a random smattering of tracks from Youtube.


The Lovin’ Spoonful  ‘Revelation: Revolution ’69’
Dyke & The Blazers  ‘Swamp Walk’
Keef Hartley Band  ‘You Can Choose’
Steamhammer  ‘Supposed To Be’
Klaus Doldinger’s Passport  ‘Schirokko’
Som Tres  ‘Eu Já Tenho Você’
Freda Payne  ‘Let It Be Me’
Emitt Rhodes  ‘Let’s All Sing’
Keyboard  ‘I Wish You know’
Clothilde  ‘Saperlipopette’
N’Goma Jazz  ‘Kupassiala Kuawaba’
Tabou Combo  ‘Haiti’
Dick Khoza  ‘Zumbwe (Baby Tiger)’
Def Jef  ‘Get Up 4 The Get Down’
Souls Of Mischief  ‘A Name I Call Myself’
Honey Cone  ‘Deaf, Blind, Paralysed’
The Last Electro-Acoustic Space Jazz & Percussion Ensemble  ‘One For The monica Lingas Band’
Sum Pear  ‘Bring Me Home America’
J Scienide & Kev Brown  ‘100 Grand’
Paper Garden  ‘Lady’s Man’
Brian Eno & John Cale  ‘Lay My Love’
Mick Ronson  ‘Growing Up And i’m Fine’
David Johansen  ‘Here Comes The Night’
Ben Von Wildenhaus  ‘The Limping Axeman’
Marconi Notaro  ‘Ah Vida Avida’
Alessandro Alessandroni  ‘Babylon City’
Between  ‘Scatter’
Finis Africae  ‘Zoo Zulu’
Gescom  ‘C2’
Luke Vibert  ‘Funky Acid Stuff’
Cos  ‘Video Boma’
Haruomi Hosono  ‘Sports Men’
Blurt  ‘Let Them Be (Live)’
Essential Logic  ‘The Order Form’
Parasites Of The Western World  ‘Mo’
Rob Jo star Band  ‘Stone Away’
Semi-Colon  ‘Ebenebe’
Sam Rivers  ‘Crux’
N’Ghare Hi Power Band  ‘Campus Rock’
Dr. Alimantado  ‘NO Gwaan SOH’


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