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The diaphanous…the oddball…the wild…the polygenesis, it’s the latest round up of new musical nuggets, peaking and tickling the fancy of the Monolith Cocktail. 

So what we got to offer?    Kitten Pyramid  (Beck meets the Beta Band on a Caledonian hilltop),   Mountain Bird  (the expansive navel-gazing dreamy Swedish pop version of U2),   Juliette Commagere  (aloof L.A. electronica pop noir),   The Moons   (preening Glam spunk-up of Mott, Bolan and Mick Ronson era Bowie),   Billie Van   (plaintive kooky piano pop from the fjords),   Michael Forrest   (Hot Chip meets Carl Criag electro)  and  tUnE-yArDs     (downtown Brooklyn via Lagos).

Kitten Pyramid  ‘Whale’  – Lead single from the upcoming Uh-Oh album, released 28th April 2014

Mountain Bird  ‘Violent Night’  (Universal)  –  Single due 6th April 2014

Juliette Commagere  ‘Collide’  (Aeronaut Records)  –  Single out now

The Moons  ‘Heart and Soul’  (Schnitzel Records)  –  Single due 31st March 2014

Billie Van  ‘I Let You Down’  

Michael Forrest  ‘Super Singular (This Girl)’  –  Out now

tUnE-yArDs  ‘Water Fountain’  (4AD)  –  Taken from Nikki Nack, due to drop 5th May 2014


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