Monthly Playlist Revue: March 2021

March 31, 2021

PLAYLIST SPECIAL/Dominic Valvona/Brian ‘Bordello’ Shea/Matt Oliver

The Monthly Playlist Revue is partly our imaginary radio show, partly a chance to catch up and showcase the last month’s worth of features, recommendations and reviews on the Monolith Cocktail. An eclectic spread, journey as ever March’s edition includes an emphatic cosmological birthed release from Andrew Hung; a mugging off flow over the theme music of 80s favourite Minder by a rum lot of UK hip-hop talent (Satrumentalz/Big Toast/The Stranger Neighbour/Gee Bag/OliverSudden/Downstroke); a suite from the unheralded surprise diaphanous flotation opus from the congruous and glorious partnership of Floating Points & Pharoah Sanders; another dream partnership, Olivier Rocabois & John Howard; and the unusual usual mix of post-punk, ambient, industrial, avant-garde, pop, hip-hop and whatever genre you can think off.

Osayomore Joseph & The Creative Seven  ‘Africa Is My Root’
Sakili  ‘La Ri Latine’
Electric Jalaba  ‘Briando’ 
Blak-Ram  ‘Trauma Waters’
Xiu Xiu & Liars  ‘Rumpus Room’
Andrew Hung  ‘Space’
U.S. Girls  ‘junkyard’
Chinese American Bear  ‘Dumpling’
Camino Al Desvan  ‘La Contorsion De Pollo’
Alewya & Moses Boyd  ‘The Code’
Floating Points & Pharoah Sanders  ‘Movement 5’
Masayoshi Fujita  ‘Thunder’
Mecanica Clasica  ‘Ak Deniz’
Mosquitoes  ‘Strobeluck’
A Certain Ratio  ‘Wonderland’
Timo Lassy & Teppo Makynen  ‘Calling James (Live)’
U68  ‘Uncommon Nasa’
L’Orange & Namir Blade  ‘Corner Store Scandel’
M-Dot/DZ The Unknown/Mayhem Of EMS  ‘Schizoid’
Satrumentalz/Big Toast/The stranger Neighbour/Gee Bag/Oliver Sudden/Downstroke  ‘Fuck Off London’
Tom Caruna (Ft. Scorzayzee, Jabbathakut)  ‘You Look Nice’
Gloria  ‘Global Warning’
Jane Inc.  ‘Dirt And The Earth’
A Minor Place  ‘When Silvia Leaves’
Opus Kink  ‘Wild Bill’
Chris Church  ‘Praise’
Ex Norwegian & Rhys Marsh  ‘Half Baked’
Shaun McLachlan  ‘When We Dance’
Olivier Rocabois & John Howard  ‘Tonight I Need’
The Bordellos  ‘Shattered Pop Kiss’
Witch Camp (Ghana)  ‘When I Was Ill, You Didn’t Come Visit’
Fernando Anuang’a & Maasai Vocals  ‘Enkisesei’
Rafiki Jazz  ‘Omkoth Ma’ai’
Daughters Of The Desert  ‘Whispering Dunes’
Vukovar  ‘When Rome Falls (7” Brutalist Edit)’
Provincials  ‘Terms & Conditions’
Petrolio  ‘Y Nadie Queria Saber’
Abacaxi ‘Catfish’ Cementation Anxiety  ‘The Locks Are Not Enough’
Alder Ego  ‘I Saw It In A Dream’    


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