Monolith Cocktail Monthly Playlist: July 2021: Beach Boys, Los Lobos, Xhosa Cole, Pozi, Luaran Hibberd, Project Hilts, The Doppelgangaz, Joe Blow…

July 30, 2021

PLAYLIST SPECIAL/Dominic Valvona/Matt Oliver/Brian ‘Bordello’ Shea

Already plowing through the summer of Covid Year Two era, the Monolith Cocktail has chosen another eclectic jamboree of choice tracks from the last month: mostly from albums/singles we’ve reviewed, but a few we never got around to featuring on the blog. There’s a heavy Beach Boys presence, what with California’s greatest sons releasing the eagerly anticipated Sunflower and Surf’s Up sessions and goodies box set, Feel Flows, next month. We also have the return of Los Lobos, who cover their fellow Californian neighbours’ ‘Sail On Sailor’ for their new album Native Sons.

We also have Matt Oliver on the rap control, sorting through July’s tsunami of new hip-hop releases. Matt also pays homage to the late idiosyncratic golden age innovator Biz Markie, who died only a few days ago at the age of 57.

Expect the usual unusual, with tracks from the Regressive Left, Xhosa Cole, Pozi, Luaran Hibberd, Project Hilts, The Doppelgangaz, Joe Blow, Ed Scissor & Lamplighter, CIX, Faust, Jason Nazary and more. 


Regressive Left  ‘Cream Militia’
Jean-Pierre Djeukam  ‘Africa Iyo’
Xhosa Cole ft. Soweto Kinch & Reuben James  ‘Untitled Boogaloo’
Biz Markie  ‘Pickin’ Boogers’
Native Soul  ‘Dead Sangoma’
N’Famady Kouyaté ft. Lisa Jên Brown  ‘Aros I fi Yna’
Contento  ‘Al Lao del Río’
Pozi  ‘Sea Song’
Werewolf Hair  ‘Throw Me A Bone’
Lauran Hibberd  ‘Bleugh’
Yammerer  ‘Tell Me What The Ancient Astronaut Theorists Believe’
Jack Name & Aoife Nessa Frances  ‘Watching The Willows Burn’
Los Lobos  ‘Sail On, Sailor’
The Beach Boys  ‘This Whole World (Alternate Ending)’
The Poppermost  ‘Yes It’s True’
Platonica Erotica  ‘I Can’t Be Your Everyting’
Project Hilts  ‘Dark Side’
Nick Roberts ft. Ash The Author & DJ JabbaTheKut  ‘Codebreaker’
The Doppelgangaz  ‘Triple D’
Joe Blow & Mr. Substance ft. DJ Jaffe  ‘Hypertension’
Roughneck Jihad  ‘Handbook’
Swindle ft. Loyle Carner, Kojey Radical & JNR Williams  ‘LOST’
Ed Scissor & Lamplighter  ‘R U Alone?’
Kety Fusco  ‘Ma Gnossienne’
Anton Barbeau  ‘I Love It When She Does The Dishes’
Heyme  ‘Without A Paddle’
The Telephone Numbers  ‘Pictures Of Lee’
Reuban Vaun Smith  ‘Flee The Coop’
Devin Gray ft. Ralph Alessi & Angelica Sanchez  ‘Melt All The Guns’
Juga-Naut & Giallo Point  ‘Smoke Filled Room’
Web Web (Max Herre & Yusef Lateef)  ‘Akinuba/The Heart’
CIX  ‘Whirl’d In The Pool’
Tekilla  ‘Se Eu…’
Saba Alizadeh ft. Andreas Specthl  ‘Phasing Shadows’
Belcirque  ‘Sumac y Cúrcuma’
Karen Zanes  ‘Carnival Mirror’
Wyndow  ‘Pulling On A String’
Jason Nazary ft. Grey McMurray  ‘Days & Nights, for Em’
Girl No. III  ‘An Impressed Imp Rests’
Liliane Chela  ‘Charr’
PTČ ft. Vazz  ‘PAPAGAJ’
Sandy Chamoun  ‘Siret El Ro3eb’
Passepartout Duo  ‘Plainness’
Occult Character  ‘Cool Kid Mummy’
Faust  ‘Fernlicht’
The Beach Boys  ‘Surf’s Up (A Cappella)’ 


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