Monolith Cocktail Monthly Playlist: November 2021

November 30, 2021

Dominic Valvona/Matt Oliver/Brian ‘Bordello’ Shea

A showcase, summary, encapsulation of the music the Monolith Cocktail team has either reviewed or listened to during the last month, November’s edition includes the usual unusual selection of eclectic tastes from around the world. No demarcation, labels, as hip-hop sits with ambient flights of fantasy, pop slides up against edgy explorations, and bombastic dream wave shares a platform with more ominous augurs.

This month kicks off with the tastemaker’s favourite (and ours) Circe, whose coquettish plaintive pop emerges from the shadows, and another rising talent Gabrielle Ornate. After that it’s a rambunctious ride through tracks by Dear Liaka, The Soundcarriers, Madlib, Nukuluk, Ash The Author, Etran de L’Aïr, Batila, Park Jiha, FUTURE KULT, Pave The Jungle and around 50 other sublime, stunning, enriching tracks. We finish off though with a Christmas card treat from The Mining Co. : ‘Last Stop For Tired Reindeer’.


Circe  ‘Mess With Your Head’
JAGUWAR  ‘Battles’
Gabrielle Ornate  ‘Rewrite The Rules’
Gaïsha  ‘Ghalat’
Apollo Brown w/Stalley Ft. Skyzoo  ‘Love Me, Love Me Not’
Dr. Syntax w/Tom Caruana  ‘Basic Biscuits’
Die Zimmermänner  ‘Paderborn’
Tallies  ‘No Dreams Of Fayres’
Dear Laika  ‘Black Moon, Lilith’
Color Dolor  ‘Underwater’
Beach House  ‘Through Me’
Oliver Earnest  ‘Cancel Threapy’
Charlotte Greve w/ Wood River & Cantus Domus  ‘Sediments We Move Pt. 2’
Spring ’68  ‘High On Happiness’
HighSchool  ‘Forever At Last’
The Soundcarriers  ‘Waves’
Nick Frater  ‘What’s With Your Heavy Heart?’
Foam Giant w/Flavour Crystals  ‘Quality Of Life’
Blush Club  ‘A Hill To Die On’
Legless Trials  ‘Toll’
MED w/Blu, Madlib Ft. MF Doom  ‘Knock Knock’
Nukuluk  ‘Disaster Pop Song’
Joell Oritz  ‘Uncle Chris Car’
Faust  ‘Morning Land’
Koma Saxo  ‘Self Koma’
Black Josh  ‘THE BIRDS’
Lee Scott w/Sly Moon  ‘Exobase’
Elcamino Ft. Meyhem Lauren  ‘Championship Match’
Tristate  ‘Sauvignon Blanc’
Cephas Teom  ‘Tomorrow’s World’
DJ Abilities  ‘The Badman’
Ash The Author w/DJ Drinks Ft. Mr Brown  ‘Phantoms’
Sam Krats w/Da Beatminerz Ft. Craig Gee, Gee Bag, MysDiggi, Phoenix Da Icefire, Jazz T and Ramson Badbonez  ‘Culture’
Eric The Red w/Tenth Dan  ‘Put The Money In The Bag’
The Kahil El’Zabar Quartet  ‘Eddie Harris’
Al Doum & The Faryds  ‘Universe, Pt. 2’
ElectroBluesSociety w/Boo Boo Davis  ‘Bye Baby Bye Bye (Rosé Sunset Remix)’
Malcolm Jiyane Tree-O  ‘Senzon seNkosi’
Etran de L’Aïr  ‘Adounia’
Toumastine  ‘Adja Tarha (No Matter The Struggle In Love)’
Boom.Diwan w/Nduduzo Makhathini  ‘Blood In The Wind’
Batila  ‘Kindoki’
Alan Strani  ‘Vaguement (Haddadi)’
Electric Supply Station  ‘The Lander’
Xqui w/Equinox  ‘Too Pieces’
Hackedepicciotto  ‘Evermore’
Simon McCorry  ‘Slow & Measured’
Park Jiha  ‘Light Way’
Nicolas Gaunin  ‘Upa-Upa’
Smote  ‘Hauberk’
Hellenica  ‘A Quiet Delirium’
Itchy-O  ‘Blood Moon (Live)’
FUTURE CULT  ‘Hidalgo’
Pave The Jungle  ‘Moirai’
Kosmovoid  ‘Lower Levels’
Masai Bey  ‘Quiet Riot’
Aesop Rock w/Blockhead  ‘Difficult’
Not A Citizen  ‘Broke Again’
Dub Chieftain  ‘Sonic Duvet’
Jack Ellister  ‘Fragestellung’
Meskerem Mees  ‘Parking Lot’
The Mining Co.  ‘Last Stop For Tired Reindeer’

Hi, my name is Dominic Valvona and I’m the Founder of the music/culture blog For the last ten years I’ve featured and supported music, musicians and labels we love across genres from around the world that we think you’ll want to know about. No content on the site is paid for or sponsored and we only feature artists we have genuine respect for /love. If you enjoy our reviews (and we often write long, thoughtful ones), found a new artist you admire or if we have featured you or artists you represent and would like to buy us a coffee at to say cheers for spreading the word, then that would be much appreciated.


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