Caught by the ghoulies (that must have hurt), creeping through the haunted vestiges of a civilization: a rotting corpse of despair, yet filled with mischievous howlers. Contacted through séance; invoked by demonic numbskulls. It can only mean one thing: it’s time for the annual Monolith Cocktail Halloween playlist.

Soft souls and those with a nervous disposition look away now; cover thy ears. For 2021 was a most frightening year of plague, war, pestilence and all together real crisis. The Four Horsemen looked to me to be circling, if not resting on the hard shoulder, preparing for a swift Armageddon, whilst those with the zillions fucked off into space to escape this wretched, cursed world– I’m only jealous.

There’s a whole lotta witch-burning going on this year, with all things bewitching from Troyka, Pointed Sticks, Sam Gopal. The Devil in his many guises appears courtesy of The Halo Benders, Drab City, Peace And Love, Raw Material, El Ritual and Last Exit. And we have macabre jazz from Leon Thomas, a funky fresh Dracula from soul force Don; and black magick invocation from Al Lover.

But don’t despair as the Gloria angels have come prepared with ‘Holy Water’ and th1rt3en and Pharoahe Monch have brought along ‘The Exorcist’.

Check out in a few days time our review of the upcoming Itchy-O double album.

Track List:

The Halo Benders  ‘Devil City Destiny’
Billy Changer  ‘Black Angel’
Walter Daniels, Oblivians & Monsieur Jeffery Evans  ‘Rockin’ In The Graveyard’
Pointed Sticks  ‘The Witch’
Sam Gopal  ‘Season Of The Witch’
Gloria  ‘Holy Water’
True West  ‘Lucifer Sam’
Al Lover  ‘Black Magick Starter Jacket’
th1rt3en & Pharoahe Monch  ‘The Exorcist’
Drab City  ‘Devil Doll’
Don  ‘Soul Dracula’
Peace And Love  ‘Against The Devil’
Univeria Zekt  ‘Something’s Cast A Spell’
Zior  ‘Vampire Night’
El Ritual  ‘Satanas’
Maria Monti  ‘Il Serpente Innamorato’
Last Exit  ‘Devil’s Rain’
The Terminals  ‘Psycho Lives’
Mister Modo  ‘Dark Ambient Theme 4’
Peter Schickele  ‘The Priest Of The Raven Of Dawn’
Sunforest  ‘Magician In The Mountain’
Raw Material  ‘Race With The Devil’
Xqui X Sound Effects Of Death & Horror  ‘Timete’
Between  ‘Katakomben’
Leon Thomas  ‘Shape Your Mind To Die’
Stefano Torossi  ‘Fearing Much’
Dogfeet  ‘Armageddon’

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