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Postings from the last year (2016):

Quarterly Playlist: Part Four: ‘The Bordellos, The Cosmic Range, Wolf People, The Orb’ (DV).

Choice Albums Of 2016 M – Z  ‘Melt Yourself Down to Sam Zircon’  (DV, AS, MO).

Choice Albums Of 2016 A – L  ‘Aesop Rock to Bob Lind’  (DV, AS, MO).

ODB 231: Mark Frost  ‘The Secret History Of Twin Peaks’  (DV).

ODB 230: Richard H Kirk  ‘Boxsets’  (DV).

Rapture & Verse: November 2016: A Tribe Called Quest, Czarface, Tanya Morgan, La Coka Nostra, Scorzayzee, Zion I… (Matt Oliver).

Tickling Our Fancy 043: 40th Anniversary of ARC Music label, CaStLeS, Hole House, The Lancashire Hustlers, Sad Man and R. Seiliog  (DV).

ODB 229: Gaye Su Akyol ‘Hologram Imparatorlugu’  (AS).

The Monolith Cocktail Social: Playlist #26: Awate, Ersen, Might Sparrow, The Move, Sam Samudio, Gloria Ann Taylor, We Five…(DV).

TOF 042: A Hundred Million, Daniel Jones, PABST, Robert Rotifer, Scandinavia and Jinko Vilova  (DV).

Rapture & Verse: October 2016: Aesop Rock, Inspectah Deck, Kool Keith, Roots Manuva, Tanya Morgan, Wheelchair Sports Camp…(MO).

ODB 228: Grey Guides ‘Beast Mask Supremacist’  (DV).

ODB 227: John Howard ‘Across The Door Sill’  (DV).

TOF 041: The Bordellos, Casual Strangers, The Cosmic Range, Seb Reynold’s remixes Meursault, and Teksti-TV 666  (DV).

ODB 226: Water Pageant ‘Outlines’  (AS).

ODB 225: Ben Reed ‘Station Masters’  (DV).

TOF 040: Happyness, Kobadelta, Kohn, Orkestra Mendoza, Sebastian Reynolds  (DV).

Quarterly Playlist 2016: Part 3: Awate, Bitori, C Duncan, David West, El Michels Affair & The Shacks, Noura mint Seymali, Vaudou Game, Wolf Parade… (DV).

ODB 224: We Celebrate Analog Africa’s Tenth Anniversary  (DV).

ODB 223: Xenia Rubinos ‘Black Terry Cat’  (AS).

Rapture & Verse: September 2016: Cypress Hill, Dabbla, HCKYTMPR guest mix, Salaam Remi, Pter Rock, Ocean Wisdom…  (MO).

ODB 222: Twin Peaks Soundtrack Reissued: An Overview/Review  (DV).

TOF 039: The Conformist, Flies+Flies, Mei Han, Moth Poets, Senji Niban, Sea+Air and Wovenhand  (DV).

The Monolith Cocktail Social: Playlist #25: Chamaeleon Church, El Michels Affair, Elektro Hafiz, Matthew Sweet, Titus Groan, William S. Fischer… (DV).

TOF 038: A Hundred Million, Nick Blackos, CHUCK, The Fast Camels, Soft Hearted Scientists, Snowball II and Venus Fly Trap  (DV).

ODB 221: The Bordellos (DV).

Rapture & Verse: August 2016: Anderson Paak, Digable Planets, Illogic, Kool Keith, Sadat X… (MO).

ODB 220: Noura Mint Seymali ‘Arbina’  (DV).

ODB 219: Bitroi ‘Legend of Funana’  (DV).

The Monolith Cocktail Social: Playlist 24: Affinity, Dream Warriors, ESG, Gary Wilson, Los Holys, The Glimmers… (DV).

ODB 218: Lee La Loa ‘Purple Sky’  (AS).

The Ian Brennan Interview  (DV).

TOF 037: The Bongolian, Os Noctambulos, Raf and O, Unkle Bob, David West and Yip Man Of Scotland  (DV).

Rapture & Verse: July 2016: Cut Chemist, Elliot Fresh, Jewels Hunter, Kid Acne, Sadat X, Sleazy F Baby… (MO).

The Monolith Cocktail Social: Playlist 023: Idris Ackamoor and the Pyramids, Brothers Unlimited, The Counts, Vaudou Game, Nino Nardini… (DV).

TOF 036: Ana Alcaide, Die Krupps, Ed Scissor & Lamplighter, The Fiction Aisle, The Tempest and Viguela  (DV).

ODB 217: Melody Parker  ‘Archipelago’  (AS).

Quarterly Playlist Part 2: Acting Strange, Cate Le Bon, PJ Harvey, Mr. Lif, Raf and O, Vukovar… (DV).

ODB 216: Skylab 3 ‘A View From Above’  (MO).

ODB 215: Mick Harvey ‘Delirium Tremens’  (DV).

Rapture & Verse: June 2016: Homeboy Sandman, Oddisee, John Reilly, Sporadic & Tenchoo, Ugly Heroes… (MO).

TOF 035: Afro-Haitian Experimental Orchestra, Lord Kesseli and the Drums, Raf and O and Renu  (DV).

Exclusive: Psilosamples ‘Qoychuquy’  (DV).

TOF 034: Angels Die Hard, Martyn Heyne, Many Monika, Peace Chant and Tuath  (DV).

The Monolith Cocktail Social: Playlist 022: Ray Cathode, Fadoul, MF Grimm, Buddy Miles Express, Noonday Underground, Wigwam… (DV).

ODB 214: Spain ‘Carolina’  (DV).

Brian Wilson & Friends Live In Glasgow  (DV).

ODB 213: Andy Shauf ‘The Party’  (AS).

ODB 212: ‘Space Echo – The mystery behind the cosmic sound of Cabo Verde finally revealed’  (DV).

ODB 211: Svart Records re-release a number of Finnish jazz and progressive rock classics  (DV).

Rapture & Verse: May 2016: Doom, Havoc and Alchemist, Kid Acne, Guest mix from The Last Skeptik, Masta Ace, Sam Zircon, Verbal Kent…  (MO).

ODB 210: M.A.K.U. Soundsystem ‘Mezcla’  (DV).

TOF 033: Fits, Mel Fung, Jenny Gillespie, Thierry Larose, Mandy, Masiro and Mark McGowan  (DV).

ODB 209: Moulettes ‘Preternatural’  (DV).

ODB 208: Retroyka ‘Floccinaucinihilipilification EP’, Rubacava Sessions ‘No Middle Ground’  (AS).

TOF 032: A. Dyjecinski, Danielsson/Lund/Neset, Hanne Kolsto, Nonstop Everything Compilation, Reptilians From Andromeda, Small Bear Records Compilation and Papernut Cambridge  (DV).


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Rapture & Verse: April 2016: Bambu de Asiatic, Camp Lo, Chance the Rapper, J Dilla, Oddisee, Roots Manuva  (MO).

The Seventh Glasgow International Contemporary Art Festival: A Purview  (DV).

The Monolith Cocktail Social: Playlist 021: Red Dirt, Cannibal Ox, Wayne Henderson, Traffic Sound, Lonelady  (DV).

ODB 207: David Thomas Broughton ‘Crippling Lack’  (DV).

ODB 206: Fela Kuti-Ransome and his Koola Lobitos ‘Highlife-jazz and Afro-soul (1963 – 1969)’  (DV).

Quarterly Playlist Part One: David Bowie, Aziza Brahim, Fat White Family, Ocean Wisdom, Qluster, WHITE  (DV).

TOF 031: A. Dyjecinski, Bifannah, Map 71, Niagara, Paul Tasker and Rocky Votolato  (DV).

Rapture & Verse: March 2016: Aesop Rock, DJ Format, L’Orange, Malkovich, Mr. Lif, Shy D  (MO).

ODB 205: The Nive Nielsen Interview  (AS).

ODB 204: Cluster ‘1971 – 1981’ Boxset  (DV)

ODB 203: Benedict Benjamin ‘Night Songs’  (AS).

ODB 202: Hidden Musics Vol 2. Sonic Dispatches From Traditional Mali  (DV).

TOF 030: Xixa, The Loved Drones, Junkboy, Edward Penfold, The Gaa Gaas, Niels Gordon and The Van Allen Belt  (DV).

ODB 201: Blue Rose Code ‘And Lo! The Bird Is On The Wing’  (AS).

ODB 200: Nive Nielsen And The Deer Children ‘Feet First’ (AS).

ODB 199: Qluster ‘Echtzeit’  (DV).

Rapture & Verse: February 2016: Dr. Dre, Ghostface, Jazz T, Leaf Dog, Ocean Wisdom, Ras Kass, Stig of the Dump  (MO).

ODB 198: Aziza Brahim ‘Abbar el Hamada’  (DV).

ODB 197: Various ‘Songs of Separation’  (AS)

ODB 196: Metamono ‘Creative Listening’  (DV).

TOF 029: LNZNDRF, Snowball II, Vukovar, Causal Strangers and G.D.D.L.F  (DV).

ODB 195: In Defence of the Hateful Eight  (Ayfer Simms).

Live From Celtic Connections, Glasgow: Bixiga 70, Farka Vieux Touré, Kefaya, Moussu T e lei Jovents  (DV).

ODB 194: Sidestepper ‘Supernatural Love’  (DV).

ODB 193: Nillo & Sentidor And Friends ‘SIBO Revisited’  (DV).

ODB 192: Akauzazte and Order Etern  (DV).

ODB 191: Paul Hawkins & Thee Awkward Silences  ‘Outsider Pop’  (DV).

Rapture & Verse: January: Anderson Paak, Ron Jon Bovi, Doppalgangaz, Run The Jewels, Cappo… (Matt Oliver).

David Bowie: A Celebration Part Four  (DV).

David Bowie: A Celebration Part Three  (DV).

David Bowie: A Celebration Part Two  (DV).

David Bowie: A Celebration Part One  (DV).

ODB 190: David Bowie ‘Blackstar’ LP (DV).

ODB 189: N.W.A ‘Straight Outta Compton Movie Soundtrack’, plus golden era West Coast Hip-hop playlist (Dominic Valvona).


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