Autumn leaves might be flying past your window, the rain hacking it down. But worry not; here to warm the cockles is the Monolith Cocktail team (that’s me, Dominic Valvona, Matt Oliver and Brian ‘Bordello’ Shea) with another eclectic fanfare of choice music from the last month.

In case you’ve been living in a cave all this time without a Wi-Fi connection, they’ve just released The Beatles fabled locked away Let It Be sessions – and enough candid film to make a documentary (step forward Peter Jackson). And so old gits that we are, there’s a flurry of alternatives and studio chat in this month’s playlist. Back into the present, the rest of this phenomenal selection includes David Ornette Cherry, Atmosphere, Dean Blunt, Xenia Rubinos, U.S. Girls X Glenn Gould, Benny Diction, Lexagon, Deserta, Let Your Hair Down, Oslo Twins, Rosie Tee, Phew, Embryo and tons more. 

Those Tracks In Full Are:-

The Beatles  ‘Like Making An Album? – Speech’
David Ornette Cherry  ‘Parallel Experience’
BlackLiq & Mopes  ‘Don’t Ask Me’
Atmosphere  ‘Something’
Jamael Dean Ft. Jasik, Jira  ‘On Inu’
Dr. Junkenstein  ‘Addictive TV’
Bunny & The Invalids  ‘A Sniper’s Heart’
Hiatus Kaiyote  ‘Canopic Jar’
Dean Blunt  ‘SEMTEX’
Xenia Rubinos  ‘Did My Best’
The mining Co.  ‘Astral Investigation’
U.S. Girls X Glenn Gould  ‘Good Kinda High’ The Beatles  ‘I’ve Got A Feeling (1969 Glyn Jones Mix)’
Magon  ‘The Willow’
Ghost Woman  ‘Do You’
Dean Wareham  ‘The Corridors Of Power’
This Heel  ‘Head/Tail’
Das Lunsentrio  ‘Der Mann Am Siegestor’
SAD MAN  ‘The Green Opal (SOS Mix0’
Legless Trials  ‘Faceless Heathen’
S. Kalibre Ft. Slap Up Mill, Genesis Elijah, Verbs Of Iron Bridge & Jabba The Kut  ‘Warriors’
Benny Diction  ‘Archives’
Guilty Simpson & Gensu Dean  ‘Deep Breath’
Lewis Parker Ft. Enny Integrity  ‘Keep It on The Low’
Mustard Tiger  ‘Aglumni’
King Kashmere/Alecs DeLarge/Maddy  ‘North Star’
Dillon & J57  ‘83 Kids’
Lexagon  ‘Values’
Ben Osborn  ‘The Fire’
Catherine Griandorge  ‘Eno’
Roedelius & Dallas Acid  ‘Lovely Morning’
Deserta  ‘I’m So Tired’
Bamdicoot  ‘Life Death And Other Things’
Good Morning  ‘Depends On What I Know’
Let Your Hair Down  ‘BF Holiday’
Wiki  ‘New Truths’
Upfront MC  ‘Let’s Go’
Ramson Badbonez & Frost Gamble Ft. Phoenix Da Icefire & Cyclonious  ‘Wolves’
Jester Jacobs & Formz  ‘Fishing Rod’
Gabriels  ‘Blame’
Monocled Man  ‘Przhevalsky’
Vapors Of Morphine  ‘Phantasos & Phobetor’
La Luz & Adrian Younge  ‘Watching Cartoons’
Oslo Twins  ‘Circe’
Violet Nox  ‘Super Fan (The J. Bagist Remix)’
Rosie Tee  ‘Anchors’
Josephine Phillip  ‘The Clue’
David Lance Callahan  ‘Born Of The Welfare State’
Kuunatic  ‘Lava Naksh’
Monoswezi  ‘Kuwonererwa’
Phew  ‘Days Nights’
Mario Batkovic  ‘CHOREA DUPLEX’
Pepe Deluxe Ft. Demon Fuzz  ‘Girl From Satanville’
Taraka  ‘Welcome To Paradise Lost’
Astrid Swan  ‘Drift’
Embryo  ‘Baran’
Portico Quartet  ‘Ultraviolet’
The Beatles  ‘Don’t Let Me Down – First Rooftop Performance’


Playlist: Chosen by Dominic Valvona & Matt Oliver/ Curated by Dominic Valvona

Priding ourselves on the diverse, pan-global playlists we collate for your aural pleasure and indulgence, the Monolith Cocktail Quarterly Revue series is the eclectic behemoth of them all. With no demarcation of any kind or rules we mix the harrowing and gothic with beckoning polyrhythmic dancefloor screamers, flights of panoramic fantasy with raging protestations, and the most sublime peregrinations with experimental cries from the wilderness.

Everything you find on this playlist has either featured on the site over the last three months or been in our general orbit (the sheer volume of music we get sent means there is inevitably issues of space and time, and so some great tracks just don’t make it; this is our chance to feature those lost tracks). Below you will find a full track list, including links to reviews.


Malawi Mouse Boys  ‘Hunger (Hymn)
Spike & Debbie  ‘Strike – Compilation Version
Dur-Dur Band  ‘Yabaal
Goatman  ‘Jaam Ak Salam’
Mac Miller  ‘Party On Fifth Ave.
Parquet Floors  ‘Wide Awake’
LCD Soundsystem  ‘Oh Baby – Lovefingers Remix’
Papernut Cambridge  ‘The Hobbledehoy
Yuzo Iwata  ‘Gigolo’
Soft Science  ‘Undone
Stella Sommer  ‘Dark Princess, Dark Prince
Mehdi Rostami & Adib Rostami  ‘Delight
Yiddish Glory (Loyko, Alexander Sevastian, Sophie Milman)  ‘Shpatzir in Vald (A Walk In The Forest)
Yazz Ahmed  ‘The Lost Pearl – Hector Plimmer Remix
John Coltrane  ‘Impressions – Take 3’
Thelonious Monk  ‘Nutty, Pt. 2’
RAM  ‘Dambala Elouwe’
Vaudou Game  ‘Tata Fatigue’
Derya Yıldırım, Grup Şimşek  ‘Uc Kiz Bir Ana’
Idris Ackamoor & The Pyramids  ‘Land Of Ra’
Bixiga 70  ‘Quebra Cabeça
Etuk Ubong  ‘Black Debtors’
Ayalew Mesfin  ‘Hasabe (My Worries)’
Ippu Mitsui  ‘Shift Down
Otis Sandsjo  ‘Teppich
Nyeusi  ‘Jupiter’s Giant Red Spot’
Angels Die Hard  ‘Acid Beach
Mothers  ‘PINK’
Rat The Magnificent  ‘Up The Street
American Nudism  ‘Future 5-0’
Dead End, M, Second Son  ‘Let The Music Talk
Tenesha The Wordsmith, DJ Khalab  ‘Madea’
CRIMEAPPLE, Big Ghost Ltd.  ‘Your Love’
The Last Skeptik, Mikill Pane, Allana Verde  ‘Rules Of Engagement
Beans, Sam Fog  ‘The Black Chasm’
Bronx Slang  ‘Rushing The Stage
Wordburglar  ‘Rental Patient
Gunshot  ‘Sulphur
Stringmodulator  ‘Betwixt & Between
Laure Briard  ‘Janela’
Brian Bordello  ‘Eddie Cochran’
Simon Love  ‘God Bless The Dick Who Let You Go
Picturebox  ‘The Vicar’s Dog
Atmosphere  ‘Make It All Better Again’
Daniel Rossen  ‘Deerslayer’
White Denim  ‘Good News’
La Luz  ‘Mean Dream’
Kammerflimmer Kollektief  ‘Action 3: Thoughtless, Hamburg

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