Monolith Cocktail Social Playlist #54: Erkin Koray, The Orb, Gary Tucker, The Weirdos…

April 8, 2021

PLAYLIST/Dominic Valvona

An intergenerational, eclectic playlist vision, the Monolith Cocktail Social is the blog’s imaginary radio show; a smattering of music from my personal collection, my DJ sets and a lot of music I just wished I owned. Devoid of themes, restraints, or trends, expect to hear anything and everything; including some tributes to album that celebrate their 50th, 30th and 10th anniversaries: The Rolling Stones Sticky Fingers (represented by The 5th Dimension’s diaphanous honed chorus take on ‘Moonlight Mile’), The Doors L.A. Woman (represented by the under-the-counterculture Gary Tucker and his version of ‘Hyacinth House’), Panda Bear’s Tomboy (the man himself in this instance) and The Orb’s Adventures Beyond The Ultraworld (again, the men themselves).


Erkin Koray  ‘Öksürük’
Lotti Golden  ‘Motor-Cycle Michael’
Jode  ‘When I Was A Younger Man’
The Croissants  ‘It’s A Day As Real As Today’
The Weirdos  ‘Happy People’
Steel Mill  ‘Zang Will’
Gary Tucker  ‘Hyacinth House’
The Makers  ‘Don’t Challenge Me’
Demon Boyz  ‘With a Z’
Showbiz & A.G.  ‘Fat Pockets’
Blahzay Blahzay  ‘Style And Grace’
Wilma Vritra  ‘Shallow Grave (Radio Edit)’
Would-Be-Goods  ‘Fruit Paradise’
Spike & Debbie  ‘Rushing Nowhere’
Panda Bear  ‘Surfer’s Hymn’
B Boys  ‘Sound Frequency’
The Wake  ‘Joke Shop’
Shark?  ‘Let’s Roll’
Dogfeet  ‘Armageddon’
Daevid Allen  ‘Boperactico’
Locomotive GT  ‘Képzeit Ripot: Arra Születtem’
Bread, Love And Dreams  ‘Masquerade’
The 5th Dimension  ‘Moonlight Mile’
Francis Lai  ‘Main Titles (The Games)’
Etron Fou Leloublan  ‘Face À L’Extravagante Montée Des Ascenseurs, Nous Resterons Fidèles À Notre Calme Détermination’
Nello Ciangherotti  ‘Metallo E Cemento’
Neel Murgai Ensemble  ‘Ngong’
Anjo Gabriel  ‘Mantra II’
Calvin Keys  ‘B. E.’
Trio Madjesi  ‘Moussa Photo Na Yo’
Ill Wind  ‘High Flying Birds’
Chupame El Dedo  ‘Me Duele’
Fawda Trio & SwamiMillion  ‘Money Beat’
The Orb  ‘Little Fluffy Clouds’ Air Liquide  ‘Seamwave’
Samla Mammas Manna  ‘Manna Jamma’

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