Monolith Cocktail Monthly Playlist For July 2022: Wu-Lu, Archers Of Loaf, U.S. Girls, Axel Holy, Skuff..

July 29, 2022

Choice Music From The Last Month
Curated By Dominic Valvona

Those July tunes from the Monolith Cocktail team of Dominic Valvona, Matt Oliver, Brian ‘Bordello’ Shea and Andrew C. Kidd; 45 tracks that represent the blog’s tastes this month.

As a companion piece, we’ve now started compiling a version over on our Youtube channel. With some video tracks not included in, and a different order to, the Spotify playlist. This includes the brand new Violet Nox (the Boston synth futurists) video for ‘Magnetar’ and Sebastian Reynolds athletics-inspired alternative soundtrack ‘Cheptegei’ (the Extra Mile Edit), plus a track from Andrew Spackman’s newest alias The Dark Jazz Project. We also have a few alternative track selections from the artists.

But first here’s that Spotify link and track list:

The Difference Machine (Ft. Sa-Roc)  ‘Repeater’
Ree-Vo  ‘Groove With It’
Wu-Lu  ‘Scrambled Tricks’ Ferry Djimmy  ‘Toba Walemi’
Marva Broome  ‘Mystifying Mama’
The Legless Crabs  ‘(I Wanna Be A) Cult Musician’
Toni Tubna w/ The Stockholm Tuba Section  ‘The Triennial’
The Doomed Bird Of Providence  ‘Unlawfully And Maliciously Murdered’
Archers Of Loaf  ‘In The Surface Of Noise’ The Burning Hell  ‘No Peace’
Kamikaze Palm Tree  ‘In The Sand’
Bruno Hibombo  ‘Black Dogs Down At Marie’s’
Elle E  ‘Oh Blue Eyes’
Kick  ‘Some Velvet Morning’
U.S. Girls  ‘So Typically Now’
Gillian Stone  ‘Amends’
Rezo  ‘Your Truth’
Tau & The Drones Of Praise  ‘It Is Right To Give Drones And Praise’
The Meltdown  ‘Lie To Me’
group O  ‘Kabelslat’
Axel Holy, Galloping Ghosts (Ft. Wish Master)  ‘Nothing Personal’
Stevie Pre  ‘Sent From The Top’
Sly Moon  ‘Banned From The Vic’
Amos, Mt. Stupid  ‘Technophobia’
Apollo Brown  ‘Just Like Home’
The Korea Town Oddity (Ft. Kahil Sadiq)  ‘HOMEBOYS IN OUTERSPACE’
Tumi Mogorosi  ‘Sometimes I Feel Like A Motherless Child’
CMPND  ‘Acid Reign’
Healing Force Project  ‘Double Orbit’
Moebius  ‘Rast’
Fera  ‘Animale’
Nwando Ebizie  ‘I Seduce’
Ekome  ‘Gahu (Live At WOMAD 1982)’
Dynamo  ‘Arabia’
Skuff  ‘Sly Flute’
Blaktrix, A.H. Fly (Ft. Sonnyjim)  ‘Shoey’
The Difference Machine  ‘Flat Circles’
Aftab Darvishi  ‘Sahar’
Hatis Noit  ‘Jomon’
La Chinaca  ‘Sin Titulo’
Penza Penza  ‘Neanderthal Rock’
No Age  ‘Andy Helping Andy’
Jill Richards, Kevin Volans  ‘Third Etude’
Caterina Barbieri  ‘Transfixed’

And here’s that Youtube version:


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