Here you will find Monolith Cocktail’s articles cataloged by the band or artist name from A- E.

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Absolute Belter
Finders Keepers Records Spanish compilation

Afro-Beat Airways
Afro-beat compilation

Air Liquide

Amon Düül II
‘Phallus Dei’

Amon Duul II (II)

Amon Duul II (III)
‘Dance Of The Lemmings’

Amon Duul II (IV)
‘Carnival In Babylon’

Amon Duul II (V)
‘Wolf City’

Amon Duul II (VI)
‘Live In London’

Amon Duul II (VII)
‘Vive La Trance’

Amon Duul II (VIII)
‘Made In Germany’

An Experiment On A Bird In The Air Pump
‘Buy A Life’ EP

Animal Collective
‘Fall Be Kind’ EP

‘The One’ LP

Aphrodite’s Child
‘666’ LP

Archie Bronson Outfit
‘Coconut’ LP

Arcade Fire
‘The Shuburbs’ LP

Ariya Astrobeat Arkestra
‘Towards Other Worlds’ LP

Ash Ra Tempel
‘Ash Ra Tempel’ LP

Atlas Sound
‘Parallax’ LP

Live review, Engine Rooms Brighton 2009

‘Istiklaliyal’ LP


Beach Boys
‘Made In California’ LP

‘The SMiLE Sessions’ LP

‘Surf’s Up’ LP

Beach House
‘Teen Dreams’ LP

Bennett, Rich
‘On Holiday’ LP

Besnard Lakes, The
‘Are The Roaring Night’ LP

Besnard Lakes, The
Live at Jam, Brighton, 2010

Best Albums of 2009

Best Albums of the Noughties

Big Hell
‘Choose Your Delusion Vol. 1’ EP

Blonde Redhead
‘Penny Sparkle’ LP

Bond, James 50th Anniversary Special: 50 Choice themes, interludes and instrumentals from the soundtracks I
Part 001 – 010 (Dr.No to You Only Live Twice)

Bond, James 50th Anniversary II
Part 011 – 020 (You Only Live Twice to Live And Let Die)

Bond, James 50th Anniversary III
Part 021 – 030 (Live And Let Die to Moonraker)

Bond, James 50th Anniversary IV
Part 031 – 040 (Moonraker cont. to The Living Daylights)

Bond, James 50th Anniversary V
Part 041 – 050 (The Living Daylights cont. to Die Another Day)

‘Black Sands’ LP

British Sea Power
‘Machineries Of Joy’ LP

Broken Bells
‘The Ghost Inside’ Single

‘La Noche Mas Larga’ LP


‘Monster Movie’


‘Tago Mago’

‘Ege Bamyasi’

‘Future Days’

‘Soon Over Babaluma’


‘Saw Delight’

‘The Lost Tapes’

Canadian LP’s you should own

‘The Whole Nine Yards and Then Some’ LP

Ceili Moss
‘La Vie Sent Quoi’

Choice Picks of 2010 (Pt.I)
Arcade Fire to Klaxons

Choice Picks of 2010 (Pt.II)
LCD SoundSystem to The World Ends

Choice Picks of 2011
A Dancing Beggar to Zacht Automaat

Choice List 2012 (Pt.I)
Animal Collective to Land Observation

Choice List 2012 (Pt.II)
MayMay to Zacht Automaat

Choice List 2013 (Pt.I)
Beach Boys to Bassekou Kouyate & Ngoni Ba

Choice List 2013 (Pt.II)
Rudresh Mahanthappa to Zacht Automaat

Choice LP/EPs of 2014 (Pt.I)
Ariel Pink to King Creosote

Choice LP/EPs of 2014 (Pt.II)
Merchandise to Scott Walker + Sunn O)))

Choice Albums of 2016 (Pt.I)
The Cesarians to Bassekou Kouyate & Ngoni Ba

Choice Albums of 2016 (Pt.II)
David Lawrie to Xaos

Cinema Red and Blue
‘Butterbean Crypt’ EP

Finders Keepers compilation of lost artifacts from the German label Kuchuck

Crystal Fighters
‘Star Of Love’ LP

– D –

Dando, Marmaduke 
‘Heathcliffian Surly’ LP

De Staat
‘Machinery’ LP

Digital Underground
‘Sex Packets’

Dirty Projectors 
‘Stillness Is The Move’EP


‘Echo Party’ LP

Electric Eye
‘Pick-Up, Lift-Off, Space, Time’ LP

Ellen & The Escapades
‘Of All The Times’ EP

On what would’ve been his 75th birthday

Brian Eno
‘Small Craft On A Milk Sea’ LP

Ergo Phizmiz
‘Dadaphone’ LP

Esben and the Witch
‘33’ EP and Live review, Audio Brighton 2009

‘She Sells Seashells’ LP review



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