Welcome to the library or archive for  ‘Our Daily Bread’; Monolith Cocktail’s weekly bulletin for reviews, news and notable releases.


OO1 – OO5:  Include (in order) Magic Eye, Zed Penguin, Le Thug, Plastic Animals; Aufgang; Audio Antihero’s Rape Crisis Charity compilation; The Last Sound; Ikebana.

Split 12" from Song, By Toad Records


ODB 006 – 010:   Include Kratos Himself, Horse Party, Cloud, Tapeheads, Psycho & Plastic, The Machismo’s, Higamos Hogamos, Samuel L. Clarke, Vieux Farka Toure, Atalanter, Field Harmonics, Julian Cope, Magnus Ostrom, Strumpets and Tamikrest.

Vieux Farka Toure 'Mon Pays' LP


ODB 011: Includes:  The Beach Boys,  Bit-Pod mix by Jilk feat.  Modified Toy Orchestra,  Jinko Vilova,  Scorpio Rising,  Riot Jazz Brass Band.


ODB 012:   Afro-beat Airways 2,  Cabaret Voltaire,  Killing Fields Of Ontario,  David Lawrie,  Malkovich.

ODB 013:  Red Hot + Fela,  The Superman Revenge Squad Band,  Susanna And Ensemble,  Simon Fisher Turner.

ODB 014:  Anna Calvi,  The Chewers,  Coppe,  Eat Lights Become Lights,  Poeticat, Irmin Schmidt,  Zacht Automaat.

ODB 015:  The Band,  Deerhunter,  Bosco Delrey,  The Imaginary Suitcase,  Letters To Fiesta,  Mani Street Preachers,  Klaus Marten,  Jarvis Cockers 50th birthday celebrations.

ODB 016:  Fits,  Master Plan Inc.,  Metamono and The Superman Revenge Squad Band.

ODB 017:  The Kinks,  Red Hot + Fela, The Van Allen Belt and the Choice Tracks of 2013 Part 1.

ODB 018:  Anna Calvi,  Beastmilk, Birds Eat Baby, Quiet Marauder and Ross McHenry.

ODB 019:  Jilk,  Sparks, The Cafe Revue Series of playlists and Golden Age Of Hip Hop playlist II.


ODB 020:  Edan, Halloween Special, Quiet Marauder, Super Adventure Band, Lobi Traore.

ODB 021:  Alasdair Roberts & Robin Robertson,  Choice tracks of  2013  playlist part  II,  Eat Lights Become Lights,  Lou Reed Tribute.


ODB 022:  M.I.A. ,  Angola soundtrack 2,  The Fontanelles.


ODB 023:  Fringe Magnatic,  Psycho & Plastic,  Teotima,  Alan Moore,  Velour Modular.

ODB 024:  Qa’a,  Jochem Arbeit & Huan,  Coagul,  Christian Gregory,  Rocket Girl 100,  Scorpio Rising,  Oli Spleen & Benbo,  White Witch.


ODB 026:  Armellodie Records Sampler 2014, Gwilym Simcock & Yuri Goloubev,  Girl Band.


ODB 027:   Angels Die Hard,  Steiner.


ODB 028:   Aziza Brahim,  Mraz & Viklicky, Tapeheads.


ODB 029:   Outlands, Catherine & Wind, Michael Wollny Trio, Gemini Revolution.


ODB 030:   Ninetails, A Clean Kitchen Is A Happy Kitchen, The Incredible Bongo Band.


ODB 031:   Anna Calvi live at All Saints Church, Hove, Brighton. 

ODB 032a:  The Ministry Of Wolves.
ODB 033:  Duo Art ‘Creating Magic’.
ODB 034:  Davidge, Tamikrest, UNDER THE CVRS, Hartebeest, European Collision, Klaus Martin.
ODB 036:  De La Soul – 25th anniversary of 3 Feet High And Rising.
ODB 038:  James, S J Esau, Owls, DENA, Poeticat, The Imaginary  Suitcase, Benjamin Shaw, Dominic Wolf, Nuoli, Hauschka, Babara Morgenstern.
ODB 039:  The Grand Budapest Hotel.
ODB 040:  David Lawrie  Exclusive.
ODB 041:  Minibus Pimps.
ODB 042:  Future Islands,  The  Histrionics,  Simon Felice,  Barb Junger.
ODB 043:  Dirtmusic.

ODB 046:  Mestre  Cupijo e Seu Ritmo.
ODB 048:  Postcode.
ODB 049:  The Year of the Diamond Dogs: 40th Anniversary  Special.
ODB 050:  The Can Soundtrack.
ODB 052:  Grace Jones: Nightclubbing Deluxe Special.
ODB 053: Hauschka.
ODB 054:  The Fruitful Earth.
ODB: 055:  Britpop’s Missing In Action.
ODB 056:  tUnE-yArDs.
ODB 058:  Eat Lights; Become Lights ‘Into Forever’.
DB 059:  Darren Hayman ‘Wembley Eiffel Tower’.
DB 060: Martyn Bennett ‘Grit’.


<061 – 080>

ODB 061:  The Grand Budapest Hotel  (Dominic Valvona).
DB 062:  Dan Lyth & The Euphrates  (Ben P Scott).
ODB 064:  Franketienne & Mark Mulholland  (DV).
ODB 067:  Perrick Pedron/ Christof Lauer & The NDR Bigband  (DV).
ODB 069:
 Rivherside   (DV).
ODB 071:  Noura Mint Seymali  (DV).
ODB 072:  Golden Age Of UK Hip Hop  (DV).
ODB 073:  Sean Bw Parker – The Complete Recordings  (Ayfer Simms).
ODB: 074:  Mick Harvey’s Homages To Serge Gainsbourg  (DV).
ODB 075:  Freedom Culture  (DV).
ODB 076:  Dr.Cosmo’s Tape Lab  (DV).
ODB 078:  CAM 1 Compilation  (DV).
ODB 079:  Blue Rose Code  (AS).



<O81 – 100>
ODB 081:   A Victim Of  Society   (DV).
ODB 082:  Craig Ward  (DV).
ODB 083:  Land Observations  (DV).
ODB 084:  Rainbow Reservoir  (AS).
ODB 086:
 The Cambodian Space Project  (BPS).
ODB 087:  The Bordellos  (DV).
ODB 089:  Amos Piper  (AS).
ODB 091:  John MOuse  (DV).
ODB 092b:  Dedicated To Scotland Play List  (DV).
ODB 093:  Bernard Szajner  (DV).
ODB 094:  Cyanna Mercury  (AS).
ODB 095:  Henri-Pierre Noel  (DV).
ODB 096:  Klaus Marten  (DV).
ODB 098:  Johnny Sedes  (DV).
ODB  099:  Interview with Rainbow Reservoir  (AS).
ODB 100:  Merchandise  (DV).


<101 – 130>
ODB  101:  Ruined Smile Sampler  (AS).
ODB  102:  Kirigirisu Recordings Overview  (DV).
ODB  104:  Opal Onyx  (AS).
ODB  105:  UZZEE  (DV).
ODB 108:  Grumbling Fur  (AS).
ODB 109:  Gudrun Gut & Joachim Irmler  (DV).
ODB 111:  David Thomas Broughton and Juice Vocal Ensemble  (AS).
ODB 112:  Fofoulah  (DV).
ODB 113:  Quiet Marauder Exclusive  (DV).
ODB 115:  Papernut Cambridge  (DV).
ODB 116:  Mark Fry  (AS).
ODB 117:  Real World Records 25th Anniversary   (DV).
ODB 119:  Metamono To Perform In Manchester  (DV).
ODB 121:  Scott Walker & Sunn O)))  (DV).
ODB 122:  Glitterbeat Dubs & Versions 1  (DV).
ODB 123:  The Van Allen Belt  (AS).
ODB 124:  Halloween 2014 Special  (DV).
ODB 126:  Daniel Lanois  (DV).
ODB 127:  Movie Star Junkies  (AS).
ODB 129:  The Magic Lantern  (AS).



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