– L –

La Dusseldorf 
‘Viva’ LP

Larkin Poe
‘Spring’ EP

LCD SoundSystem
‘This Is Happening’ LP

Legends Of Benin
‘Afro-Funk, Cavacha, Agbadja and Afro-Beat 1969-1981’ LP

Let’s Wrestle
‘In The Court Of The Wrestling Let’s’ LP

Love Amongst Ruin
‘So Sad (Fade)’ single

– M – 

‘One Day’

‘Great Expectations’ LP

Man From Another Place, The
‘The Loneliest Cowboy’ EP

Manic Street Preachers
Live Review, Brighton Dome 2009

MANNifesto (I)
Part One Of A Kev Mann’s (TV Personalities/ Alternative TV/ Creation) Musical Journeyman Postulations And Ad Libs

MANNifesto (II)
Part Two Of Mann’s Ravings

Marshall, Owen
‘The Naked Truth’ LP

Matthew Dear
‘Black City’ LP

‘A Thousand Heys’  LP

Melodica, Melody and Me
‘Piece Me Back Together’ EP

Mighty Mouse
‘Disco Circus Volume 2’ LP

Mister Fusty
‘Connect’ EP

‘Rubbles’ EP

– N –

Nelson, Wille and Asleep At The Wheel
‘Willie And The Wheel’ LP

‘Neu!’ LP

Neu! (II)
‘Neu! 2’ LP

Neu! (III)
‘Neu! 75’ LP

Nice & Smooth
‘Ain’t A Damn Thing Changed’ LP

Nigeria Special: Vol.2
‘Modern Highlife, Afro Sounds and Nigerian Blues, 1970 – 76’ LP

No Machine
‘On Ebay’ Single

Notes From The Spanish Underground
Feature on the burgeoning psych/kosmiche scene in Spain

– O –


On No Ono
‘Eggs’ LP

– P –

Paglia, Camille
‘Glittering Images’ book review

Panda Bear
‘Tomboy’ LP

Pantha du Prince
‘Black Noise’ LP

Parenthetical Girls
‘Privilege EP 2’

People Like Us & Wobbly
‘Music For Fire’ LP

Pint Shot Heroes
‘Hazy Days’ single

Live Review, Brixton Academy 2009

Plastic Animals
‘Spilt’ 12″

Polygenesis Perusal #1
LP Review round up: British Sea Power, Halasan Bazar, Nathan Haines, Mick Harvey, Here Is Your Temple, Poly-Rythmo de Cotunou

Polygenesis Perusal #2
LP Review round up: //Fiocz, Mishkin Fitzgerald, Samba Toure, From The Mourning Of The Wolrd, Wampire

Polygenesis Perusal #3
LP Review round up: Electric Eye, Jesse Futerman, The Suicide Of Western Culture, Alfred Hitchcock And His Music, Antime V2

Polygenesis Perusal #4
LP Review round up: Aufgang, Field Harmonics, Matthew Herbert, Imaginary Suitcase, Plastic Animals, Amalia Rodrigues and Sparrow And The Workshop

Polygenesis Perusal #5
LP review round up: Buika, Ikebana, Ginferno and Malkovich

Poly-Rythmo de Cotunou
‘The Skeletal Essences Of Afro Funk’ LP

Popol Vuh (I)
‘Affenstunde’ LP

Popol Vuh (II)
‘In Den Garten Pharoas’ LP

Popol Vuh (III)
‘Hosianna Mantra’ LP

Popol Vuh (IV)
‘Seligpreisung’ LP

Poor Righteous Teachers
‘Pure Poverty’ LP

Public Enemy
‘Fear Of A Black Planet’ LP


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